Browning BAR Magazine.300Win MK 2, MK 3, LongTrac

Artikelnummer: 03112025029


Maintaining classic looks and Browning style, the BAR is unique in that it features a detachable box magazine which easily snaps on and off the floorplate. Having an extra loaded magazine in your bag or pocket while hunting is undoubtedly better than a pocket full of loose shells mixed in with your truck keys and that half-eaten granola bar you were saving for later.



  • Detachable box magazine for the BAR designed to fit onto the unique hinged floorplate
  • Capacity is three rounds in magnum calibers and four rounds in standard calibers
  • Mark II Safari and Lightweight Stalker WSM calibers hold two cartridges
Item Number 112025029 UPC 023614976004
Material Metal Color Black
Caliber 300 WM Capacity 3
Magazine Feed Style Off Set Length 0"
Weight 6.4 oz

Preis 89.00 €
Browning BAR Magazine.300Win MK 2, MK 3, LongTrac