Sabatti STR Sport New F-Class Kal.308

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New look for the Sabatti STR Sport precision shooting rifle The Sabatti STR Sport bolt-action rifle embodies many years of Sabatti experience in the manufacture of high-accuracy firearms. The Sabatti STR Sport rifle stands out for the design of the stock and the barrel, as well as for the mix of technology that makes it suited to any kind of long-range sport shooting activities. The rifle features the Sabatti highly appreciated all-steel Blizzard action with three-locking lugs. The bolt is heat treated, chrome-lined and rectified to reach a very low level of surface roughness, and high level of smoothness and silence in operation. The core of the new Sabatti STR Sport rifle is the new lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy receiver, that has been completely redesigned. The new chassis is available in two variants: with a standard sporting version forearm with M-LOK slots and Arca-Swiss rail; or with a wide, flat forearm, ideal for long range precision F-Class shooting competitions, with an Anschutz rail and various anchor points for bipods and accessories. New the stock also: a non-foldable design, the new stock is skeletonized to reduce overall weight, while retaining a fully adjustable cheek riser and a bag-rider support. The barrel is cold hammer forged with Sabatti MRR Multi-Radial Rifling. It’s 660mm long with a 22mm muzzle diameter in the STR Sport version; and 710mm long with a 28mm muzzle diameter in the STR Sport FC version. The rifle comes with a Picatinny rail, coupled directly to the action, for mounting riflescopes; the trigger set is the Sabatti 3 lever Match one; and the ammunition now feed through a detachable AICS compatible Sabatti magazine. Do you need information? Contact us Share project: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Technical specifications Use: Precision Shooting Tipology: Rifle Action: Bolt-Action Trigger: Match 3 levers Barrel: Rifled Stock: Sport shooting, adjustable Identification Code: STRSPR Brand: Sabatti Model: STR Sport Action material: 7075 Aluminum alloy Bolt: 3 lugs, chromed steel Feeding: Manual Magazine: Polymer, removable Magazine capacity: 4 or 7 rounds Trigger weight: 600 g / 1.3 lbs Safety: Manual Sights: None Scope mounts: Picatinny rail (supplied) Rifling: Sabatti MRR (Multi Radial Rifling) Lunghezza canna: 61-66-71 cm / 24"-26"-28" Materiale canna: Steel, cold hammer forged Muzzle diameter: 22-28 mm / 0.86"-1.10" Muzzle thread: Yes, with protective cap Stock material: 7075 Aluminum alloy and polymer Stock finish: Chassis with hard anodizing Lenght: 110-115-120 cm / 43.3"-45,3"-47,2" Weight: 6 kg / 13,2 lbs Calibers 6,5x47 Lapua 6,5 Creedmoor .308 Winchester Features High strenght 7075 aluminum alloy chassis 3 lugs bolt Match trigger MRR rifled, cold hammer forged barrel Picatinny rail for mounting optics Interchangeable handguard 4 or 7 shots AICS compatible Sabatti magazine Adjustable stock Options 0-10-20 MOA Picatinny rails Standard M-Lock or F-Class handguard Black or Red color chassis Find an armory Ask for information .

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Sabatti STR Sport New F-Class Kal.308
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